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Creator Series

CADA creative changeable series make building blocks more fun! Each block has a number of different shapes, the concept of all-in-one make the building has more possibilities. Rich and varied shapes can inspire the child 's imagination, exercise the child' s hands - on ability. A variety of different types of scenes and themes of the building blocks will lead the children to explore the world of colorful.

HI TECH Series

CaDA HI TECH Series invite you to experience science, dynamic building blocks! It endows the building blocks with physical science and technology elements, including mechanical transmission, remote control power and inertia back. Turn the static building blocks into dynamic building blocks, it has more playability and interactivity. Through the structure of simulated science and models,it passed to the building block enthusiasts a creative and innovative building blocks concept.

Star Troop Series

Together with the CADA Star Team, fight for a better tomorrow! Mysterious planet, in the end how much hidden energy and unknown risks it has?Kids, bring your mounts, get your ammunition, and join the Star Alliance. Let explore the unknown universe, find the future of energy, and defend the peace of world, fighting, fighting, fighting!